internal labor regulations

LLP “Medical and Technical College” for students


These Rules are the main normative act that determines the internal order of students’ activities at the College.

Students (persons enrolled in College to study by order of the director) are required to master knowledge, perform all types of tasks provided for in curricula and educational programs within the prescribed time.

College students have the right to:

1. To receive education in accordance with the state mandatory standards of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2. For training on an educational grant and on a contractual basis;

3. To receive a scholarship in the prescribed amount (for persons studying under the state order);

4. Acquire knowledge corresponding to the current level of development of science, technology and culture;

5. Respect for one’s human dignity, freedom of conscience, information, and free expression of one’s own opinions and beliefs;

6. To participate in the discussion and resolution of the most important issues of the college’s activities, including through public student organizations and college management bodies;

7. For free use of the college library, information funds, services of educational, medical and other departments;

8. The opportunity to participate in all types of creative projects, research works, conferences, symposiums, meetings, competitions, festivals, submission for publication of their works, including in college publications, to engage in subject circles;

9. Participate in conferences, various competitions, amateur performances, sports sections, competitions, Health Days and other events organized by the structural units of the College;

10. Get advice from teachers on the subjects studied, the opportunity to speak about the quality and methods of teaching and make suggestions for their improvement;

11. For moral and (or) material encouragement for special academic achievements and active participation in the educational and social work of the College;

12. Choose elective courses offered by College teachers;

13. To elect and be elected to the student self-government bodies of the college.


College students are required to:

1. Comply with the Charter and Internal Regulations of the college;

2. Profoundly master theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the specialty, perform all types of tasks provided for in the curricula and programs in a timely manner;

3. Uniform uniform: white coats, caps of the established pattern, bring a change of shoes;

It is forbidden to come to college in a sports uniform, sports uniforms for physical education lessons, sports events must be brought with you.

4. Take part in college and city events;

College students do not have the right to take part in events unauthorized by state and administrative bodies (rallies, marches, picketing, etc.)

5. Pay for training in a timely manner (in accordance with contracts);

6. The college has a pass system installed. Admission of students to the educational building is carried out only with student tickets;

7. Missed classes are worked out without fail within ten days from the moment of going to classes;

8. In the presence of one or two unsatisfactory grades on attestation, the student must retake the subject before the session in accordance with the established procedure. If the unsatisfactory assessment is not eliminated within a month, for a disrespectful reason, the student is expelled from the college. If students receive more than three unsatisfactory grades on certification or exams, they are excluded from college;

9. In case of non-attendance due to illness or other valid reason, the student must inform the curator of the group or the head of the department about this. In case of illness, the student provides a certificate from a doctor or a medical institution of the prescribed form;

10. Regularly attend and not be late for classes. Students come to classes 15 minutes before they start. A disciplinary penalty is imposed for systematic lateness to classes. If there are absences of training sessions without valid reasons to students:

24 hours in advance – a warning is announced;

48 hours in advance – a reprimand is announced;

in 100 hours, he is expelled from college.

11. In order to maintain order and cleanliness, students after the lesson must comply with the requirements of the teacher on duty, the student of the duty group and employees of the administrative department of the college (lift chairs, remove garbage). A disciplinary penalty is imposed for non-compliance;

12. In case of arrears or non-payment in due time, the contract. can be terminated by the college unilaterally;

13. Internship in the specialty is organized at your own expense or at the expense of the employer;

14. During the stay at the college, each student is personally responsible for personal belongings;

15. For appearing in college in a drunken state, students are excluded from college without the right to reinstatement;

16. Smoking, littering, spitting in the building, on the territory of the academic building, as well as other illegal actions are strictly prohibited. In case of detection of such a fact, disciplinary penalties, fines or exclusion from the number of college students are imposed on the violator. For actions directed and manifested in violation of the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and violations having hooligan intentional motives and malicious nature, directed against the individual or damaging the college, students are excluded from the college without the right to reinstatement;

17. In case of damage to the property of the college, the culprit restores it in

in kind, or pays its market value;

For academic success and active participation in the creative, scientific and social life of the College, the following forms of moral and material encouragement are established for students:

a) declaration of gratitude;

b) awarding with a Certificate of Honor of the College;

c) other incentive measures.

Main responsibilities of the administration:

In order to ensure the conditions of study, the College administration:

1. To ensure the organization of the work of scientific and pedagogical, administrative and economic, educational and auxiliary and other personnel;

2. Ensure healthy and safe learning conditions, proper condition of equipment;

3. Within the financial means of the College, it provides material and technical support and equipment of the educational process, equipment of premises;

4. Take measures to ensure proper methodological support of the educational process;

5. Not to allow a student who appeared in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication to study;

6. Take the necessary measures to prevent occupational injuries, constantly monitors students’ knowledge and compliance with all requirements of safety instructions, industrial sanitation and occupational hygiene, fire protection;

7. Ensure proper maintenance of premises, heating, lighting, ventilation, equipment, creates normal conditions for storing students’ outerwear;

8. Timely consider students’ proposals to improve activities, increase the authority of the College and its departments;

9. To ensure the protection of the educational institution, the safety of equipment, inventory and other property, as well as the maintenance of the necessary order in educational and residential buildings, the protection of buildings, property and responsibility for their fire and sanitary condition is assigned by the order of the director to the relevant officials;

10. To ensure the improvement of the College premises (availability of serviceable furniture, educational equipment, maintenance of normal temperature, lighting, etc.), serviceability of equipment and readiness of textbooks for classes.