09140200 «Medical optics»

4S09140201 «Optical medical»

Срок обучения:

On the basis of 9 classes: 2 years 10 months.

Based on 11 classes: 1 year 10 months.

The main responsibility of the specialist “Medical optician” is the manufacture of optical products. The field of activity of graduates is the entire technological chain for providing the population with vision correction means (refraction diagnostics, manufacture and subsequent implementation of vision correction means). Within the framework of the courses, students study the theoretical foundations of the calculation of optical systems, clinical ophthalmology and ophthalmological diagnostics, human anatomy and physiology, modern technologies for the design and manufacture of glasses and contact lenses, glasses, frames, learn to work with modern production and ophthalmodiagnostic equipment. A representative of the profession of “medical optician” can work at an enterprise that produces optical products or equipment for which special lenses are needed, as well as in the optics salon and manufacture glasses.

A specialist of this profession needs to know the basics of physics and ophthalmology, be able to read drawings. He should closely monitor the development of optics, the introduction of innovations in it and be ready to improve his skills, change the equipment behind which he works. His work requires him to be extremely accredited and attentive, strictly observing the rules for creating and processing optical images.