The Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency held another online “Hour of Integrity” with Kazakh poet, writer, playwright, akyn-improviser, zhyrshy-zhyrau, manaschi, satirist, literary critic, director, screenwriter, film actor, journalist, documentary filmmaker, TV presenter, children’s poet and children’s writer Bayangali Alimzhanov. 

Bayangali Alimzhanov is an Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, a knight of the Order of Dostyk of Kyrgyzstan, the only storyteller of the Kyrgyz epic about bogatyr Manas in Kazakhstan, a member of the USSR Writers’ Union, a member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, the author of more than 50 books.

Throughout his life, the Honored Worker of Kazakhstan put all his efforts on the development and formation of the spiritual culture of Kazakhstan. The poet believes that through theater, cinema, poetry and poetry, it is possible to lay moral qualities in the younger youth and guide them along the path of integrity, honesty and justice.

During the interview, Bayangali Alimzhanov shared his thoughts on the values of family, unity and mutual respect, urging young people to patriotism and integrity.

As the writer noted: “Honesty and fairness are the main qualities that move us forward. But in the case when a person lost his sense of honesty and justice, this gave rise to wars and violence in the life of mankind.”

Akyn paid special attention to the need to instill in modern youth a love for reading the literature of ancient poets, since in their poems and stories one can find a source for spiritual development.

Today Bayangali Alimzhanov is an example for many. At each of his meetings, he encourages young people to work hard to achieve their goals, honor their elders, love their homeland and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. 

The promotion of the ideology of integrity among young people within the framework of the “Hour of Integrity” campaign with the involvement of famous personalities of Kazakhstan will continue.

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