Professional competition “Love the job – you will be a master!”

Люби дело мастером будешь

On April 27, 2023, the Medical and Technical College hosted a professional competition “LOVE THE JOB – YOU WILL BE A MASTER” among 2nd-year students majoring in orthopedic Dentistry.
4 teams took part in the competition:
1. “Sunkar” students of the SO-21 group: Ibraev Adilbek, Zharek Beksultan;
2. “OneTex” students of the CO-22 group : Akhataev Madi, Aitenov Beybarys;
3. “Dental fixies” students of the SO-24 group: Yerkinbai Faia, Fritz Nikita;
4. “Navi” students of the CO-23 group: Berden Ernar, Golubtsov Georgy.

For the title of the best in their field, the teams had to go through 4 stages of the competition, which included:
1. Team presentation;
2. Kahoot Online Testing;
3. Clinical and laboratory stages of partially removable prostheses;
4. The practical stage is the manufacture of a single-shoulder wire clamp.
According to the results of the competition and the highest number of points, the places were distributed as follows:
I place – the team “Dental Fixies”;
II place – team “Sunkar”;
III place – team “OneTex”.

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