“The best pharmacist of 2021”

The activity of a pharmacist is one of the most important components of the treatment process, since it is from pharmacists that the patient largely depends on receiving high—quality, effective and truly necessary medicines.
In the hustle and bustle of everyday work and everyday life, it is difficult not to forget what a high purpose it is to be a pharmacist, and not just a pharmacist, but a qualified specialist, to take care of preserving the most precious thing in the world — human health and life.

On May 21, a competition of professional skills for the title of “Best Pharmacist of 2021” was held among the students of the graduate group in the specialty “Pharmacy” of the Medical and Technical College. During the competition, participants competed in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in pharmacology, pharmacognosy, quality control and manufacturing technology of dosage forms, as well as the release of medicines and the organization of pharmacy activities.

Altynai Kairatovna Ismailova, Director of the Organic Pharmacy LLP network, was invited as an honorary jury. The competition was held in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. All participants showed a high level of theoretical knowledge, good practical training. According to the results of the jury’s decision, Olga Gevorkova, a student of the FC-30 group, became the “Best Pharmacist of 2021”. Professional competition “The best pharmacist 2021”

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