World Oral Health Day

As part of the World Oral Health Day, every year on March 20, representatives of the dental Association, students of universities and colleges of dental faculties carry out a huge information and educational work.

The main purpose of these events is to remind society that proper oral hygiene will prevent the development of dental diseases.

The Medico–Technical College LLP annually contributes to the celebration of this event. The VI scientific and practical conference on “Innovative approaches in oral care” was held online: students of the Department of Dentistry under the guidance of the teaching staff shared new ideas in the field of dentistry. During the conference, a group of students under the guidance of a teacher of the highest category of special disciplines, K.K. Shaimerdenova, tested a research project conducted jointly with the domestic company “DoctorHerbs” on the basis of the resource center.

We also annually support a social project on information and educational work on the prevention of oral health in secondary schools of Nur-Sultan and Akmola region with the support of our social partners of the college: the company “SPLAT” and “DoctorHerbs”, to whom we express our great gratitude.

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