Election of the College President

Dear students ! Following the results of the last reporting meeting of the Committee on Youth Affairs of the Medical and Technical College, it was decided to launch an election campaign for the post of President of the College.

If you consider yourself a leader and want to create a system of student self-government at your university, then we are waiting for your ELECTION PROGRAM!

  1. Registration of applications of candidates for the presidency of the KDM until March 11, 2022 inclusive. The application must be sent to the post office press@mtk-nursultan.edu.kz .

Application form:

  • Filling out the questionnaire. 
  • Photo of the applicant.
  1. Pre-election campaigning work until March 14, 2022 inclusive

1) Election Program in two languages;

2) Video clip (you can with your team) no more than 3 minutes in Kazakh or Russian.

Program Requirements:

  • The motto of the KDM team;
  • Information about the applicant (full name, personal achievements, etc.);
  • Proposed KDM structure;
  • Goals;
  • Tasks.

3, Elections

On March 15, 2022, the election of the chairman of the KDM will be held by open voting. 

Voting is anonymous on the principle of one student – one vote.

For all questions, please contact the 103 cabinet.

MTK students will elect their leader!

  • Prepare your campaign program and assemble a team; 

What are the responsibilities of the President and the Student Council:

  • strengthening the academic discipline;
  • to work with students on the implementation of the Internal Regulations of the University and the Code of Ethics;
  • monitor the activities of student organizations;
  • timely and in accordance with the established procedure to consider all applications and appeals received by the Student Council;
  • to carry out work in accordance with the Regulations and the plan of activity of the Student Council for the academic year;
  • support socially significant initiatives of students.
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