“The best dentist of 2021”

Student time is one of the most amazing and interesting for each of our students. After all, it is within the walls of the college that the most unforgettable and special moments of life take place. Unique events, vivid impressions and one hundred percent employment, not only because students are fully engaged in their studies, but also because they lead an active lifestyle, visiting and participating in all kinds of events. Like every educational institution, the Medical and Technical College has its own traditions. Every year , future graduates of each specialty compete for the title of the best in their professional activities .

Dentists opened a series of traditional contests on May 17.
Six participants had to show their creative and creative approach by preparing a video business card and professional skills during the practical stage “Restoration of a tooth on a phantom”.

According to the results of voting with the highest number of points in commemoration of the GRAND PRIX “The Best dentist of 2021” and the owner becomes Kudaibergenov Miras!

We thank our social partners of the college @splat_kz and personally Sabitov Marat Kazybekovich, @too.luch in the person of the head of the branch of the company “Luch” – Zhaparova Laura Alkenovna! Thanks to your well-coordinated work, providing support to participants and organizers – the competition was held at the highest level!

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