Dear Applicant!

A very important moment has come in your life now: you are on the threshold of choosing a life path and, accordingly, choosing a future profession. Many roads and opportunities open up before you. The main task is to determine your vocation.

Our Medical and Technical College is a modern educational institution that provides high–quality educational services for the training of qualified, competitive specialists in the field of medicine in accordance with the existing, promising requirements of the state and the implementation of an effective model of social partnership between the college, society, and the healthcare system aimed at strengthening the health of the country’s population.

By enrolling in our college, you will receive a promising specialty, in-depth knowledge and invaluable experience.

Our students are interning and finding jobs at enterprises and organizations in the city and throughout the country, successfully continue their studies at universities.

“Medical and Technical College” LLP
provides a set of applicants for the 2023-2024 academic year:

State educational grant in the following specialties:

• 09140200 “Medical optics” with qualification 4S09140201 “Medical optician” on the basis of 11th grade Russian language of instruction;

• 07140600 “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment” with qualification 4S07140602 “Technician for operation and repair of equipment” on the basis of the 9th grade Russian and Kazakh languages of instruction;

• 09130100 “Nursing” with qualification 4S09130103 “General practice nurse” on the basis of 9th and 11th grade Kazakh language of instruction.


full-time education in the State and Russian languages, on the basis of general secondary education (base of grades 9 and 11) by specialties:

SpecialtyDuration of training on the basis of the 9th gradeDuration of training on the basis of the 11th grade
109110200 “Orthopedic dentistry” with qualification 4S09110201 ” Dental technician”2 years 10 months1 year 10 months
209110100 “Dentistry” with qualification 4S09110102 “Dentist”3 years 10 months2 years 10 months
309160100 “Pharmacy” with qualification 4S09160101 “Pharmacist”2 years 10 months
409140200 “Medical optics” with qualification 4S09140201 ” Medical optician”2 years 10 months1 year 10 months
507140600 “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment” with the qualification
4S07140602 ” Technician for the operation and repair of equipment”;
3W07140301 “Electrician for repair and maintenance of medical equipment”
2 years 10 months1 year 10 months
609130100 “Nursing” with qualification 4S09130103 “General practice nurse”3 years 10 months2 years 10 months

We are waiting for you at the college with the following documents:

    1. The original document of education (certificate of completion of the 9th grade, certificate with an appendix, diploma).
    2. Identity card or birth certificate and IIN.
    3. Photos of 3*4 – 6pcs.
    4. Medical certificate f 075-U, f.63(vaccination) and fluorography.


We are waiting for you at the address: Astana, I. Esenberlin street, 16 \ 2 (corner Zhenis street)
Admissions Committee:
Phone: +7 (717) 238-23-57
Email address:
Instagram: @mtkastana
Secretary of the Admissions Committee:
tel: +7 747 790 47 07