The main provisions of the plan

The College’s mission: To improve and develop competitive mid-level healthcare professionals through

Vision: Becoming a leading link in the field of training of practical healthcare professionals.

Objective: To improve the training of competent secondary medical specialists focused on
effective work, ready for professional development and meeting the modern requirements of the
state, society and the employer.

Main objectives: to


  • create favorable conditions for self-development and self-realization of students ‘ personality;
  • to improve the quality of training of specialists by introducing innovative technologies in the educational process of the college;
  • promote the development of dual education in order to train competent specialists and employ graduates;
  • promote the development of creative, creative activity of teaching staff;
  • to activate the publishing activity of teachers and research activities among students;
  • implement joint research projects with the social partners of the college in order to exchange best practices at city and national venues, as well as abroad;
  • opening of a resource training center operating under the student-college-enterprise scheme, the purpose of which will
  • be to improve professional skills in the workplace;
  • to strengthen the personnel structure, to increase the professionalism of teachers and masters of industrial training, to improve the educational and methodological equipment of the educational process of the college;
  • to study, summarize and disseminate the best pedagogical experience of college teachers in order to improving the image of teachers and the prestige of this profession;
  • to develop the material and technical base of the college in order to improve the efficiency of the educational process;
  • to integrate the college with the educational institutions of the city, region, at the international level.

Main directions:


  • maximum and prompt satisfaction of the needs of students, the labor market and society in the quality education of specialists of medical and preventive institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • focus on high-quality training of specialists capable of effective work in the specialty at the level of world standards, ready for continuous professional growth, social and professional mobility;
  • improvement of educational activities, wide use of information technologies in the educational process and management;
  • ensuring the unity of educational, scientific and innovative processes with the formation and development of practical skills, improving the forms of attracting students to scientific research, scientific and technical, inventive activities;
  • development of dual training, international cooperation;
  • humanization of education based on a person-centered approach to students;
  • implementation of planned and scientifically-based PR activities in the formation of the image of the college, the use of the theory and practice of effective management in career guidance.

The methodological theme of the college: “The formation of an innovative model of the college as a center for the development of continuing education”