Educational and production activities

Proper management and the introduction of innovative technologies in the professional training of future specialists is a necessary element of the formation of the foundations of professionalism. The use of such technologies is one of the priorities in the healthcare system.

The state program for the development of professional technical education provides  an increase  of professional practice to 60 % for mastering practical skills. For this purpose, the practice base has been expanded through partnerships with employers. Currently, students of the “Medical-Technical College” LLP undergo practical training in partner organizations as IP “Ayanat Dent”,” Shimanova”, IP “Medoptika-Z”, etc.        

Modern educational technologies have been introduced into the educational process, forming students ‘ required competencies. During the period of industrial training in the “Medical and Technical College” LLP, the “Dentistry” and “Orthopedic Dentistry” departments use the latest interactive methods, such as WEB camera, Kahoot, the advantage of which is the entire process and stages of manufacturing prostheses for dental technicians are visually presented to the entire group, as well as in a real situation in the dental office through WEB camera, performing dental actions (treatment, removal, preparation, etc.). As for the Kahoot system, we hold a competition according to this system “Love your job – you will be a master” for second-year students, stimulating, motivating students to improve their professional skills and raising the prestige of specialties.

Professional skills and abilities of students should be practiced in real conditions at enterprises. To do this, we use a dual training system. For trainees dual education means a different degree of socialization: young people are tested and learn to assert their position in production conditions and in “real life” situations. It is necessary to note a number of obvious advantages: direct transfer of knowledge and skills, wide coverage of young people, a high degree of adaptability to the modern technical and economic process, training of qualified specialists in exact accordance with the profile of the organization, facilitating the transition from school to profession.

The main advantages of dual training include:

– first, a high percentage of graduates ‘ employment is ensured, as they fully meet the requirements of the employer. Training is as close as possible to the requirements of production. The smallest company can participate in dual training;

– secondly, a high motivation for obtaining knowledge is achieved, the psychology of the future employee is formed.

Using the dual training system, we attract not only domestic social partners, but also international ones, which allows us to develop international cooperation.

The formation of professionalism of future medical specialists in the college is facilitated by the use of innovative training technologies focused on the readiness of the individual for rapidly coming changes in society, for an uncertain future; on the actualization of creative abilities, various forms of thinking, as well as the development of the ability to cooperate with other people.

The possibilities of implementing innovative technologies in the conditions of a medical college consist in the implementation of various interactions with the factors of the learning environment, designed to ensure both personal growth and the formation of professional new formations.