General Education Department

The general education department includes 20 teachers under the guidance of the head of the department, Nuralieva Indira Dauletkalievna, a teacher of the first qualification category.

All teachers of the department have higher education, including:

  • teachers of the highest category – 6.
  • in the moderator category – 2.
  • teachers with an academic master’s degree – 7.

Among the teachers of the department there is a badge “Вilim beru uzidigi”:

  • Meshtayeva G. A.
    • Kambabaeva D. A.
    • Bayniyazova B. T.
    • Abilgazina Zh . G .
    • Erekova Zh . S
  • Nuralieva I. D.
  • Sagadatova S. K.
    • Kasymova M. Zh .

Awarded badge  “Kásipodaqqa eńbek sińirgeni úshin”:

  • Yermekova Zh. S.
  • Bainiyazova B. T
  • Nuralieva I. D.

Teachers are constantly improving their qualifications, continuing their studies in the training centers “Talap”, “Ak Bulak”, “Orleu”.

The main emphasis in the work of the general education department is on those activities that correspond to the general direction and theme of the methodical work of the methodical cabinet.

The purpose of the work and mission of the general education department is to ensure high quality of education; the development and introduction of innovative technologies in the study of general education subjects.

According to the work plan of the general education department for the academic year, a decade of open lessons of general education subjects is held annually at the college.

The work of the department is aimed at conducting educational, methodical and extracurricular work on educational subjects of the general education cycle and at the effective use and development of the professional potential of teachers, at rallying and coordinating their efforts to improve the teaching methods of relevant academic disciplines and on this basis to improve the educational process.

Teachers of the department annually take part in competitions: the Republican contest “The Future begins today”, “The best methodological development”, the International Republican and City Olympiad in general education disciplines among students of the VET, the Republican Olympiad in Kazakh language and literature named after K. Bitibaeva, the Republican contest “M.Makataev okulary”, etc.

Annual international and republican Olympic Games held in training centers have prize-winners and are often awarded by their leaders:

  • Abilgazina Zh. G. (diploma of the first degree, international and republican level)
  • Kambabayeva D. A. (diploma of the first degree, interethnic and republican level)
  • Ermekova Zh. S. (diploma of the first degree, interethnic and republican level)
  • Seitkaliev E. Zh. (I degree diploma, interethnic and republican level)
  • Nuralieva I. D. (I degree diploma, interethnic and republican level)
  • Zhumabayeva K. B. (I degree diploma, interethnic and republican level)

Student achievements:

  1. winners of the republican contest among M. Makatayev’s readings:
  • Magfurova Aruzhan – I place
  • Shuinishbai Temirlan Kasymovich – I place
  • Uahit Abilmansur – II place
  • Aituganova Nargiz – II place
  • Bilal Beybarys – II place
  • Zhaltyrbaeva Aruzhan – II place
  • Zhakenova Aitalyn – II place.
  • Mukhambetali Damir – III place
  • Serik Nurmukhamet – III place
  • Aibekkyzy Gauhar – III place

Heads: Ermakova Zh. S., Zhumabaeva K. B.


  1. At the city stage of the republican Olympiad in Kazakh language and literature named after K. Bitibaeva:
  • Bilal Beybarys took the third place

The head is K. B.Zhumabayeva.

  1. Winners of city Olympiads in the natural-mathematical direction among students of technical and vocational education in Astana:
  • Kudaibergenova Alua – I place
  • Shakirova Inkar took the first place, the head is Nuralieva I. D.

At the city stage of the scholarship competition, presented by the trade union, she won.  Kudaibergenova Alua became the owner of a scholarship of the trade union committee.

The team of the Medical and Technical College in the sports direction of volleyball often achieves success under the guidance of the teacher Sagadatova S. K.

All teachers publish publications in journals, collections such as, “Collection of materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, “Collection of materials of the city Forum of teachers of public disciplines of educational institutions of Nur-Sultan, “Bilimdegi zhanalyktar”, Adistemelik Bilimger; “Talap”.

In particular: In the republican magazine “College: vocational education”, in the republican magazine “Modern education at school and college” – articles by Ermekova Zh.S.

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