Educational work is an integral part of the entire educational space of the college. The document regulating educational and extracurricular activities is the Conceptual Foundations of Education of April 22, 2015 Order No. 2277.

The purpose of the educational work of the college is “Educational work as a means of forming the general and professional qualities of future health professionals adapted to modern working conditions”.

In accordance with the general concept of education of students of the Medical and Technical College, the educational function of the curator is to implement such areas of work with students as:

  • Education of Kazakhstan patriotism and citizenship, legal education.
  • Spiritual and moral education.
  • National education.
  • Family education.
  • Labor, economic and environmental education.
  • Intellectual education, education of information culture.
  • Multicultural and artistic and aesthetic education.
  • Physical education, healthy lifestyle.

Activities for the organization of the educational process in the college are aimed at the formation of civil and patriotic consciousness among young people, a sense of loyalty to their Fatherland, the fulfillment of civic duty, duties to protect the interests of the Motherland; to maintain the interest of adolescents in mastering the values of universal and national culture, for spiritual and moral, artistic and aesthetic development, to strengthen the psychological and physical health of students. The educational work carried out in the college contributes to the increase of professional interest and creative approach to the chosen profession. The concept is based on the principles, provisions and norms of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, international human rights instruments, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Our college closely cooperates with the following structural organizations:

Language Development Departments;

  • National Chamber of Entrepreneurship Atameken;
  • The juvenile police of the Saryarka district of the city of Nur-Sultan;
  • Public Foundation “Law”;
  • “Korgau” Foundation;
  • Center of the Development of Religious Studies;
  • Anti-corruption program ” AdaldykAlany»;
  • Nationalanti-corruptionmovement ” Zhanaru».

One of the main achievements of the college is the success in establishing a healthy lifestyle among students. For the education of a healthy lifestyle, the college cooperates with the center for healthy lifestyle, the sports organization Shygys, # 3 student polyclinic. Thematic lectures and conversations on the prevention of bad habits, sports events between the city’s colleges are regularly held.  The college pays special attention to the introduction to the cultural heritage. The annual events “Nauryz Meiramy”, “Day of Gratitude”, Valentine’s Day “Kozy Korpesh- Bayan Sulu” and “Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan” have become a good tradition. These events allow us to form a special attitude to the culture and traditions of our nation.

 The Student Council works together with the following organizations:  “Zhas Otan”, “Youth Resource Center”, the state program “Serpin”, “Zhaydarman”; Our students participate in the projects “A35″, ” Zhastar KZ»

The goal of the project “JASTAR KZ” is 

  • the formation of socially and politically oriented citizens of the society;
  • the formation of integrity, the education of talented and initiative youth, assistance in the spiritual development and self-realization of students;
  • Creating conditions for the spiritual and moral development of students;
  • Creating conditions for the formation of positive value orientations among students through the development of the volunteer movement in the colleges of the republic;
  • Development of students ‘ leadership skills, civic and social responsibility;
  • To raise the prestige of college students, to promote the achievements of the field of technical and vocational education;
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills.


  • Development of methodological recommendations for the activities of the School of Volunteers;
  • Creation of volunteer clubs in colleges;
  • Holding regional meetings of volunteers;
  • Extensive information work at the regional and national levels, including social networks;
  • Creating a base of young volunteers to help the disabled, the elderly, orphans, the lonely and the homeless.


  • Development of the activities of youth affairs committees, student self-government bodies in the colleges of the republic;
  • Development of the debate movement, KVN games;
  • Ensuring the interaction of colleges with schools, universities, and other organizations on issues of debates, KVN, and clubs;
  • Organization of training courses for  bloggers.


  • Creation of “ZhasSarbaz” clubs in colleges;
  • Carrying out activities aimed at the formation of students’ integrity;
  • Expansion of the internal commissions including students, members of the public.


  • Creation of “SANALY URPAQ” clubs in colleges;
  • Carrying out activities aimed at the formation of students’ integrity;
  • Holding the “Clean Session” campaign together with “ZhasOtan”;
  • Expanding the composition of internal commissions to include students and members of the public.

“BAGDAR KZ” project

  • Establishment of career guidance and career services in colleges;
  • Creating conditions for students to pass professional tests at college-based schools;
  • Formation of portal BAGDAR.KZ.


  • Organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables on the history, culture, and art of the Great Steppe;
  • Organization of excursions, hikes to historical places of Kazakhstan;
  • Organization of summer thematic camps for students at colleges located in the resort areas of Kazakhstan.


  • Interaction with NGOs, the parent community, and HLS centers on family education issues;
  • Holding a regional essay contest on the topic “My future family».


  • Development of the Project Regulations, media plan for the promotion of TVET within the project;
  • Conducting internal, regional, and national stages for the selection of candidates;
  • Extensive information work at the regional and national levels, including on social networks.


  • Involvement of college students in the startup movement;
  • Development of start-up projects in colleges;
  • Participation of college students in the National Cup of Student Entrepreneurs, Start ups and Innovations.