The Department of Dentistry of the Medical Technical College includes two components of the specialty:

  • 09110200 “Orthopedic dentistry” with qualification 4S09110201 “Dental technician”.

This training program provides in-depth knowledge in the field of orthopedic dentistry, where theoretical, diagnostic and clinical techniques are constantly being improved. Thanks to the achievements of modern science, orthopedic dentistry has achieved great success in studying the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases of the dental system, improving the materials used, developing new advanced technologies for manufacturing orthopedic structures and prostheses, developing skills as a professional dental technician.

The main responsibility of the Orthopedic Dentistry specialist is the manufacture of various types of artificial crowns, simple designs of pin teeth, various designs of bridge prostheses, removable plate and clasp prostheses, orthodontic and maxillofacial structures.

  • 09110100 “Dentistry” with qualification 4S09110102 “Dentist”.

A dentist is a specialist specializing in the problems of the maxillofacial region, engaged in the primary reception of patients. He conducts preventive examinations, establishes a diagnosis and selects a treatment regimen for dental diseases and diseases of the maxillofacial region, and can also independently perform anesthesia.

His powers also include conducting sanitary and educational work among the population on individual oral hygiene, prevention, diagnosis and therapy of dental caries, pulpitis, periodontitis and diseases of the temporomandibular joint.

For the first time in college, a set of applicants for the specialty “Orthopedic Dentistry” was held in 1998, and in the specialty “Dentistry” since 2011. Since then, these areas of educational programs have been continuously developing.

The teaching staff of the Department of Dentistry consists of teachers who have extensive experience in practical healthcare and are proficient in the highest, first and second categories. The head of the department, Sarsenbayeva Botagoz Ersainovna, is a teacher of the first qualification category of special disciplines.

Отделение Стоматология

For the implementation of the educational process in the specialties of the Department of Dentistry, the college has a sufficiently equipped material and technical base, information, telecommunications and library resources. Classrooms and laboratories equipped with modern equipment that correspond to the educational programs being implemented, sanitary and epidemiological norms and requirements. All offices of preclinical practice are equipped with dental installations, tools, modern dental equipment, phantoms.Колледж поддерживают тесную связь с социальными партнерами,  сотрудниками медицинских  учреждений региона и республики.

College students constantly work out theoretical and practical skills on the basis of social partners such as «Rembrand»LLP, «Sunkar Lab» LLP, «Рicassodentollab» LLP, labordent LLP, «Аyatdent» LLP, IP «Shimanov», IP «Amanova» and others.

In order to improve knowledge in the specialty, the college holds an annual intra-college competition among the 2nd year “Love the job – you will be a master”, among the final course “The Best dental technician” and “The Best dentist”.

According to the results of the competition, graduates participate in an international competition held in Almaty, among them are countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Germany and all cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students of our competition take prizes: 2014 Kuandykov Dauren 2nd place, 2015 Zulpybekov Bauyrzhan 3rd place, 2016 Zakiryanova Karina 2nd place, 2017 Bolat Ulas 2nd place, 2018 Ykylas Meyrbek 2nd place.

On May 29-31, 2023, the team of the Medical and Technical College represented by the winners of our qualifying round Kabulbekov Bibosyn, Vardanyan Goar and under the guidance of teachers Imanova Gulnaz Akimbekovna, Sarsenbayeva Botagoz Ersainovna successfully participated in the III International Competition for medical college students in the specialty 09110200 “Orthopedic dentistry The best by profession “Dental technician – 2023” taking I and II places accordingly.

This competition is a demonstration of professional skills. The test tests consist only of practical tasks that are really close to the professional activities of the contestants.

Teachers of this department are regular listeners of city, national and international seminars, trainings, conferences. Each of them is working on their self-development, improving their qualifications.

Publications of teaching materials in scientific collections in the form of analytical articles or methodological developments of lessons, participation in scientific, practical and methodological conferences also contribute to improving the scientific and pedagogical skills of college teachers.

The college has created conditions for updating the content and methodological support of the educational process.  The principle of practice-oriented training of specialists, the formation of personal and professional competencies is being implemented, ties with practical healthcare institutions are being strengthened, the level of information support for all areas of activity is being improved, which is a prerequisite for the training of a competitive specialist.

The formation of professional competencies among future specialists is facilitated by holding annual traditional ten-day courses in the specialty.

Professional competition “The best dental technician”

Annual participation in the city event “City of Masters”, where students conduct a professional examination, give consultations and social partners of the college — dental clinics IP “Interstom”, IP “Crown-Dent”, IP “Safi-Dent”, IP “Elite-Stom”, “Diastom”, “NV CLINIC” LLP “Dental Clinic No. 1”, certificates are distributed as part of charitable assistance.

It has become a good tradition at the college to hold an annual professional competition among graduate students “The Best Dentist of the Year”, where students show their knowledge and practical skills.